Bacoban DLUS Multi Surface Cleaner Canadian Formulation 4L

Bacoban DLUS Multi Surface Cleaner Canadian Formulation 4L

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Manage the anxiety of cleaning between cleanings. Excellent for businesses, classrooms, facilities, lunchrooms, and even at home. Leave the stress you or your employees might feel from the uncertainty in knowing when last time that table was wiped or how thoroughly, by making Bacoban DLUS™ part of your weekly cleaning regime.

Not available for sale to the United States. We apologize for the inconvenience

 This water-based, ready-to-use product presents a unique, patented technology developed to provide a controlled-release, hard surface disinfectant that provides lasting benefit and added peace of mind with a pathogen-destroying film.

The long-lasting and continuous effect of Bacoban DLUS™ does not change hygienic cleaning procedures, but rather ensures higher safety against the spread of germs and viruses and reduces the risk of cross contamination during these hygiene gaps.